Luxury Interactive 2014 (past event)

October 13 - 15, 2014

Rockefeller Group, New York, NY

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Day 1

08:00 - 08:45 Continental Brekafast & Registration

08:45 - 08:50 Welcome Remarks

Megan Kessler, Event Director, Luxury Interactive 2014

Danny Kourianos

SVP of Product Development
Rakuten Marketing MediaForge

09:00 - 09:20 The New Reality For Brands: Building Your Digital Touchpoints And Customer Relationships

Johanna Murphy - CMO Ivanka Trump

Several dynamic forces are profoundly changing retail and the way brands operate:

- Strong brands are going direct to consumer

- Digital, specifically mobile, has profoundly changed consumer behavior and retail

- It’s the age of the empowered consumer

- The first truly digital generation is on the rise

Progressive brands recognize these trends and are using digital strategies and tactics to address them. These progressives look at digital as more than just eCommerce. They understand the opportunity is bigger than that. They see “digital” as a thread that runs through an entire organization to fuel the growth across the entire enterprise – specialty, wholesale and international. Leading brands will chose this path and push their organizations into this new era. Johanna will share the traits, guiding principles and strategic roadmap that digitally progressive brands follow.


Johanna Murphy

Ivanka Trump

09:20 - 09:40 Fireside Chat With Alipay: The Key For Global Brands To Connect With China

Jingming Li - President and Chief Architect Alipay
In 2014, China surpassed the United States as the biggest e-commerce market in the world. And, it's estimated that in 2015 20%*, of $27 billion, of global luxury goods will be purchased by Chinese consumers. With 49% of its population shopping online, China is the ideal market for global expansion. Jingming shares his view on the dynamics of China's e-commerce marketplace and the keys you must be aware of to successfully reaching the Chinese consumer – 12 million** of which bought overseas goods online during the second half of 2012.

Jingming Li

President and Chief Architect

As your online business continues to grow, it’s important for your brick and mortar stores are still accurately equipped with the right knowledge and right attitude. With the right infrastructure and right human touch, your luxury brand can truly be unbeatable in an omnichannel world. The executives on this panel discuss how they run their eCommerce world but are able to encourage their in-store business processes. Discussion points include:
• Assessing the importance of reinforcing your brand with store consultants to ensure they effectively represent the brand
• Analyzing a new corporate structure: giving commission to store consultants if product out is in store, but available online
• Ensuring sales consultants have a more effective method for collecting CRM data


Milton Pedraza

Chief Executive Officer
Luxury Institute


Scott Lux

Charity Buzz


Kerri Pollard

CJ Affiliate by Conversant


Courtney Montgomery

Chief Web Officer
Nicole Milller

10:10 - 10:30 An Ecommerce Platform Does Not Guarantee A Great Customer Experience

Sharon Bell - Director, Marketing CDNetworks
Ecommerce platform vendors deliver the latest functionality to please your customers and optimize their shopping experience. But none of that matters if customers cannot enjoy your new site features because of poor page load times or site outages. Ecommerce platforms do not address site performance and the further your customers are from your eCommerce platform data center, the worse your website will perform. A slow website loses customers and therefore revenue. Rather than throwing large sums of money and IT personnel at the problem, you can leverage a cloudbased CDN with true global presence to ensure high site performance in your critical target markets around the world. Attend this session to find out how a combination of an Ecommerce Platform for interactive features with a CDN for high performance provides a great user experience, ensuring website visitors become loyal customers: • Ecommerce platforms provide a rich user experience, but don’t address site performance • Page load speeds (site performance) affect revenue • Shoppers don’t stick around for slow sites • Combining an eCommerce platform with a global CDN provides the best user experience • Find out how Bally improved website performance with CDNetworks

Sharon Bell

Director, Marketing

10:30 - 11:00 Refreshment & Networking Break

Luxury start-ups are taking center stage in learning key trends as they are more nimble and daring in gaining a customer following. The executives on this panel are establishing their brands in the luxury world and can share their takeaways from challenges and successes they are experiencing. Learn as the panelists discuss:
• The brand experience they wish to impart to the consumer
• Tools utilizing for a seamless online retail experience
• Biggest challenges in establishing an eCommerce presence
• How they are collecting data to mine meaningful insights

Sarah LaFleur

CEO and Founder


Thomai Sedari

Director of Research & Adjunct Associate Professor
New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business


Alice Ritter

Founder-Creative Director
Piplette by Alice Ritter


Julien Brinas

Vice President
BNP Paribas

11:50 - 12:40 Workshop 2: Customer Service In The Digital Age

Milton Pedraza - Chief Executive Officer Luxury Institute
While many are predicting the demise of the store from digital commerce, nothing could be further from the truth. Most malls and stores will not go extinct, but they will have to dramatically change. Gen X, Y and Boomers all love to shop offline. You just have to inspire them with friction-free relevancy and innovation. Milton Pedraza shares insights into what consumers want from the store experience to remain relevant and presents several best practices to drive in-store traffic. Workshop discussion covers:
• Implementing policies and techniques that allow consumers to find, buy and exchange in any channel from the store
• Using relationship building efforts via digital to drive store visits and sales while increasing conversion and retention
• Transforming your store physically and culturally into a relationship building center that inspires consumers to visit often and buy

Milton Pedraza

Chief Executive Officer
Luxury Institute

12:40 - 13:40 Luncheon For All Attendees

13:40 - 13:50 Luxury Interactive 2014 Benchmarking Study

13:50 - 14:10 Special Guest Speaker: New York City Ballet—Leveraging Content To Spread The Love Of Art

Ellen Bar - Director of Media Projects New York City Ballet

Three years ago, Ellen Bar went from New York City Ballet Soloist to Director of Media Projects at NYCB. With this giant career leap, Bar provides project management and strategic planning for the production and distribution of media content for NYCB, including television, online media, and retail products. Most recently, she produced “Ballet 422,” which was in this past year’s Tribeca Film Festival. Ellen has a unique point of view driving awareness for the arts, and more importantly one of New York’s most celebrated institutions; in this session, hear her discuss:
• Making something “old” new again with media to promote and sell your product
• Collating data on who is sharing your media content
• Tying your content across platforms to the “in-person” experience


Ellen Bar

Director of Media Projects
New York City Ballet

Instagram has become more of a social tool to display images of your luxury brand—it’s now an essential tool for your marketing campaigns. You’re able to surprise and delight your most loyal consumers, and add in an education element by displaying the product in a unique way. The experts on this panel present various ways to use Instagram by:
• Creating Instagram-only marketing campaigns
o Image filled announcements
o Coupon offers or loyalty offers for followers
o Flipbooks and insta-videos to show product
• Building a customer service component: using Instagram Direct to answer consumers’ questions on how to use a product
• Measuring likes and comments to add popular products for merchandising
• Qualitative analysis: interacting with consumers to gather customer sentiment


Mark Simmons

Vice President of ecommerce & Digital
Design Within Reach


Rachel Silver

Director of Social Media


Ryan Bonifacino

VP Digital Strategy
Alex and Ani


Apu Gupta

CEO & Co-founder


Melissa Feemster

General Manager
Rakuten Marketing Linkshare

14:40 - 15:00 Creating Video For Brand Storytelling

Han Wen - VP Digital and eCommerce Clarins
When advertising a product online, luxury buyers rate video the most effective tool. Video inspires and realistically displays goods; it convinces your buyer of the quality of your product. Join Han Wen as she presents:
• Creating brand stories while showing details in a creative way
• Video creation: ensuring you keep the brand voice when you outsource, and ways you can create in-house video
• Marketing and re-purposing your video across platforms to enhance SEO
• Debate: is it worth the expensive cost? Deciding which KPIs should you measure for ROI


Han Wen

VP Digital and eCommerce

15:00 - 15:30 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking

15:30 - 15:50 Relaying Your Brand History Through Digital Channels: An Innovative Approach For Key Brand Messaging

Regan Iglesia - VP, Marketing Waterford Crystal

Communicating a brand’s history is essential when sustaining your brand’s luxury status. Finding innovative ways to relay your brand’s message is critical when attracting and engaging new and younger audiences. In the presentation Regan walks you through how utilizing digital channels can ensure long-term engagement and broaden your reach across multiple audiences. Key highlights of the discussion includes:

• Creating strong and relevant brand stories to make gains in customer acquisition

• Highlights of how brand messaging with a digital approach improves "stickiness"

• Consider innovative ways to deploy brand messaging via consumer events, press and media, and/or trade events


Regan Iglesia

VP, Marketing
Waterford Crystal

15:50 - 16:05 Introduction Of Leaders In Luxury Roundtable Discussions And Champagne Pour

Leaders In Luxury Champagne Roundtable Discussions These interactive sessions are your opportunity to learn about the most innovative eCommerce and omni-channel solutions on the market in a relaxed setting. Each table will have a specific theme—please choose two tables for two rotations. A highlight of Luxury Interactive, roundtable discussions are your best opportunity to idea-share with your peers; have a glass of champagne and enjoy networking!:

1. Using Apps And Innovation To Drive Loyalty
Nick White, Vice President of Client Sales, AllianceData

2. Delighting Your Customer Across Digital Touchpoints To Increase Brand Loyalty
Damian Roskill, VP of Marketing, Applause

3. China - The Secrets To Unleashing Your Revenue And Profit Through Increased Sales
Paul Levine, President, Planet Payment

4. What the Amazon Mayday Service And Live Video Assistance Means To Luxury Retailers
James Keller, CEO, Vee24

5. Research, Insights, And Creative—The Pillars That Engage And Resonate With The Affluent Market Online
Erik Pavelka, CEO, Marketing, Martini Media

6. Combining Content Marketing And Big Data To Develop Personal Relationships With Your Clients
John Hendricks, CEO, Ergo Interactive

Damian Roskill

VP of Marketing


Paul Levine

Planet Payment Solutions


James Keller



Erik Pavelka

Martini Media


John Hendricks

Ergo Interactive


Nick White

Vice President of Client Sales
Alliance Data

17:15 - 23:59 End Of Day One